Epic Games Unveils Cozy and Expert Modes in Lego Fortnite!

These modes are designed to cater to a wide range of players, from casual newcomers to seasoned survival experts.
Cozy and Expert Mode
Cozy and Expert Mode / Epic Games/Fortnite.com

Epic Games has once again stirred the Fortnite community with their latest announcement. The v30.10 update, slated for release on June 13, 2024, is set to revolutionize the LEGO Fortnite experience with the introduction of two brand-new difficulty modes: Cozy and Expert.

These modes are designed to cater to a wide range of players, from casual newcomers to seasoned survival experts.

Cozy Mode: A Gentle Introduction to Survival

Cozy Mode is perfect for players who are new to survival games or prefer a more relaxed gameplay experience. In this mode, players can craft their worlds with the help of Slumber, a friendly guide who will assist them throughout their journey.

The default settings in Cozy Mode ensure that all enemies are set to an easy difficulty level, making combat less daunting. Additionally, essential survival elements such as hunger, temperature, stamina, and friendly fire are disabled by default, allowing players to focus on exploration and creativity without the stress of managing these factors. However, for those who want a bit more challenge, these settings can be adjusted to suit individual preferences.

Expert Mode: The Ultimate Challenge for Survival Veterans

For hardcore survivalists, Expert Mode offers a significantly tougher experience. In this mode, the formidable Storm-Wild creatures not only deal more damage but also move faster and have increased health. To up the ante, Expert Mode features permadeath, meaning any death results in a complete loss of progress. This unforgiving aspect is sure to test even the most skilled players.

However, there is a glimmer of hope in the form of the Totem of Return. By equipping this totem, players can respawn at their bed with their backpack intact, provided they have unlocked its recipe by acquiring a Storm Core from the challenging Storm-Wild enemies. Here’s a list of these fearsome adversaries:

  • Storm-Wild Blaster
  • Storm-Wild Bone Wolf
  • Storm-Wild Brute
  • Storm-Wild Frost Brute
  • Storm-Wild Frost Roller
  • Storm-Wild Frost Scorpion
  • Storm-Wild Frost Wolf
  • Storm-Wild Hermit Crab
  • Storm-Wild Sand Brute
  • Storm-Wild Sand Roller
  • Storm-Wild Sand Scorpion
  • Storm-Wild Sand Spider
  • Storm-Wild Sand Wolf
  • Storm-Wild Scorpion
  • Storm-Wild Skeleton
  • Storm-Wild Scoundrels
  • Storm-Wild Spider
  • Storm-Wild Stone Roller
  • Storm-Wild Wild Wolf

Unlike Cozy Mode, Expert Mode settings are rigid. All enemies, including the dreaded Storm-Wild creatures, are locked on hard difficulty, and survival aspects like hunger, stamina, and temperature management are always active, along with the permanent threat of permadeath.

With these two new modes, Epic Games is offering players more ways to enjoy Fortnite, whether they seek a laid-back adventure or a grueling survival challenge. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to dive into the new modes on June 13, 2024!

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