Epic Games Levels Up, Bringing Fortnite to iPad Amid Epic Showdown with Apple

Epic Games has affirmed its intention to release Fortnite on the iPad in the upcoming months.
In this photo illustration a Fortnite logo seen displayed on...
In this photo illustration a Fortnite logo seen displayed on... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

In the wake of the European Union's decision to classify Apple's iPad as a digital "gatekeeper" under the Digital Markets Act (DMA), Epic Games has confirmed its plans to launch Fortnite on the iPad later this year.

This announcement follows Epic's previous statement that Fortnite would make a comeback to iPhones in the EU, thanks to the DMA, which compels Apple to allow alternative app stores, including Epic's Game Store.

Epic Games expressed its support for the EU's stance on the iPad in a post on X on Monday, stating that it is forging ahead to bring Fortnite to the Epic Games Store in the EU "soon" and to iPads by the end of the year.

The longstanding rivalry between Epic and Apple stems from Epic's lawsuit against Apple, alleging anticompetitive behavior regarding the App Store and its commission structure. While Apple emerged victorious in court, the ruling mandated that developers could now direct their customers to alternative payment methods within their apps—an outcome celebrated by Epic and other developers alike.

Apple's subsequent compliance with the EU's DMA was met with criticism from Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney, who denounced the new rules as "malicious compliance" laden with "junk fees." In response, Apple terminated Epic Games' developer account, citing the game maker as a "threat" to the iOS ecosystem. However, following the EU's investigation into Apple's actions, the tech giant reinstated Epic's account.

The question of whether Epic Games will successfully bring Fortnite to the iPhone and iPad as planned remains uncertain, given Apple's reactions thus far. Nevertheless, Epic's determination to challenge Apple through its own games store on Apple's primary platforms is evident.