Cluck and Collect: Unveiling Fortnite's Golden Chickens and Eggs

The most notable addition from these updates is the arrival of Golden Chickens and Eggs, bringing a new level of excitement to the game.

Epic Games / Fortnite

Fortnite's latest update, v29.01, has sparked diverse reactions within the gaming community, largely due to its scaled-down nature compared to previous updates. However, amidst the mixed reviews, there's a slew of intriguing additions waiting to be explored.

Standing out among these updates is the introduction of Golden Chickens and Eggs, which has injected a fresh dynamic into the game. With Gold Bars being a hot commodity, players now have an enticing new avenue to acquire them.

Both Golden Chickens and their prized Golden Eggs offer lucrative rewards in the form of Gold Bars. While Golden Chickens provide a modest payout upon defeat, it's the Golden Eggs that steal the spotlight, offering a bountiful 350 Gold Bars each. This makes them incredibly valuable, enabling players to indulge in various in-game services, including acquiring high-tier weaponry from Midas Vending Machines.

However, the decision to dispatch Golden Chickens isn't as straightforward. While they may yield fewer Gold Bars, their eggs hold considerable value. The catch? The drop rate for Golden Eggs remains unpredictable, adding an element of risk to the equation.

Players can also leverage Golden Chickens to their advantage by carrying them, granting increased jump height—a useful trick for traversing the map swiftly. This adds an interesting strategic layer to gameplay, as players weigh the benefits of holding onto these avian treasures versus harvesting them for immediate rewards.

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For those seeking to hunt down these valuable assets, certain locations prove more fruitful than others. Areas such as Fencing Fields, Pleasant Piazza, Restored Reels, Reckless Railways, and Snooty Steppes are known to harbor Golden Chickens and Eggs, although their appearance is entirely randomized across the map.

In particular, keeping an eye on farms near Points of Interest (POIs), especially around the Fencing Fields region, may yield fruitful results for those eager to net some Golden Chickens.

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