Avatar Invades Fortnite with Exclusive Skins, Weapons, and Quests

In terms of character appearances and aesthetic items, gamers can look forward to the introduction of Aang, who will be showcased in the mini-battle pass and will even be available in a LEGO-themed variant.
Epic Games / Fortnite

In the wake of recent revelations about potential new perks for Fortnite Club members and the transition of an existing skin into playable mode, all details regarding the Avatar collaboration with Fortnite were unveiled yesterday. This disclosure included insights into the battle pass pricing and additional elements.

Among the voices amplifying this information is JorgeMost, who highlighted the key points of this latest update. Firstly, there's mention of a mini-battle pass dubbed "Elements," purportedly priced at 1,000 V-Bucks and slated to debut in the second week of April, running until May 3rd.

Additionally, the leaker hints at the inclusion of four mythical weapons, presumably tied to the Avatar event. While specifics remain unconfirmed, the four items could potentially grant elemental powers or be iconic weapons from the Avatar universe.

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Regarding skins and cosmetics, players can anticipate Aang's arrival, featured in the mini-battle pass and even sporting a LEGO version. As previously revealed, Korra will serve as the hidden skin. Notably, the beloved Appa will make an appearance as a glider, seamlessly integrating the character into the Fortnite realm.

To wrap up, leaked phrases shed light on the mission structure, hinting at tasks rewarding players with books upon completion. These books will likely serve as a currency to claim rewards, such as the Appa glider. However, the specifics of the tasks required to "connect with the elements" remain a mystery, leaving players eager for more information.

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