Fortnite Ranked: Five Changes We Want for Better Gameplay

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Fortnite Ranked has been live for a couple weeks, and there are a handful of features the mode needs for better gameplay.

The announcement of the new mode came as a great surprise to the Fortnite community. Epic Games discontinued Arena, making way for Ranked to become the sole competitive mode in Fortnite.

Although Ranked has brought a new competitive fire to casual Fortnite players, the mode could use a few tweaks to truly reach its potential. Here’s a breakdown of five features we want to see Epic Games add to Fortnite Ranked.

5) Bounties

For some inexplicable reason, Epic Games has removed Bounties from Fortnite completely. Although they promised the feature will eventually make its return, launching Ranked without the ability to hunt down a Bounty for some extra kills and gold is a perplexing decision.

At least the addition of the Flare Gun allows players to scout nearby areas and see if any enemy teams are close by. The intensity of Ranked will only reach its maximum potential, though, once Bounties make their return.