Ranking all of the Reality Augments released in Chapter 4 so far

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Fortnite released four new Reality Augments, but which ones are the most practical to use?

Fortnite has brought in another round of Reality Augments, making this the fourth update to the brand new season this season alone. For Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 1, 22 Reality Augments debuted along the brand new map and crop of weapons to rave reviews. Since then, two other additions have been made, coupled with the fourth and most recent, so the total is now up to 36. Well, 35, as the Mechanical Bow perk has been vaulted due to the return of sniper rifles.

So the fourth drop of perks may have been the weakest yet, but for good reason. These Reality Augments are designed to work hand-in-hand with the current Most Wanted event. So the perks reflect that.

Not only that, but two of the perks, are getting vaulted until the next update. After that, they’re gone for a while (if not for good).

So what are the four perks?

"Sniper Surplus – Your Sniper Rifles will have 1 extra ammo in their magazine. (This Reality Augment will remain until downtime for v23.50.)Last Shots – The last two bullets of your Pistols’ magazines deal bonus damage.Keymaster – Grants two Keys for opening Holo-Chests. (Tip: During Fortnite Most Wanted, Exotic Holo-Chests contain a Heisted Exotic!)Exotic Grab Bag – Receive a random Heisted Exotic weapon. (This Reality Augment will remain until downtime for v23.50.)"

Rankin the four new Reality Augments

We’ve already stayed the best is the Exotic Grab Bag but what are the other three above them? Well, here’s how we’d rank them.

4. Last Shots

The Last Shots perk gives your pistol two extra bullets with extra damage, but the thing is, most of the handguns in this season are, at best, desperation weapons. Items you’d only use if you’re in the deepest of darkest needs. Even the Mythic Pistol isn’t that great compared to other Mythic and Exotic Weapons.

3. Sniper Surplus

The Sniper Surplus works a bit when you realize the Heavy Sniper Rifle has to be reloaded after one shot. So giving a weapon like that a second shot isn’t the worst idea. Especially if you don’t like playing close to the combat.

2. Keymaster

Even outside of the current game mode, you’re going to need keys if you want to get into the chests.

1. Exotic Grab Bags

Again, getting one of the best guns in the game for free, without having to fight anyone or risk your neck for it, is always the top option.

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