Watch: Top5 Gaming’s 15 times Fortnite pissed off parents

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Fortnite has a tendency to wrinkle features and the gang at Top5 Gaming is looking at some of the most notorious ways to anger parents.

Fortnite is a pretty fun game, and while they try to be an all-ages affair for the young and old alike, they do sometimes run afoul with some of their decisions. Mostly when it comes to the parents of the younger players in the game. Fortnite has been called addictive, and a scam by various parents for various reasons, and that’s led to a lot of lawsuits and complaints about their business practices.

In the video below from Top5Gaming, you can see just how often the devs have run afoul with parents and government agencies. We already know that Epic Games has to pay out a load of money for shady practices a few years ago, and that doesn’t factor in another lawsuit that’s in the work as we speak.

The video goes further into some of the bigger incidents involving the game and the parents.

Parents have got to be more responsible when it comes to kids playing Fortnite

Fortnite is no more addictive than any other video game out there. If kids are having problems not playing the game, that falls on parents for not regulating their kid’s screen time or explaining to them properly the issues that may go hand in hand with gaming too much.

Players can play too much, that’s not up for debate, but that’s a personal issue, not something that falls on the shoulders of a game and the development team.

Yes, they goose some metrics to make more money, like making the shop refresh every 24 hours, but you don’t have to buy anything on there. It’s on the parents to put things in perspective for the kids who are playing the game.

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