Fortnite has vaulted its second Reality Augment this week due to issues

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Fortnite has disabled two Reality Augments continuing a string of bugs that have plagued Chapter 4, Season 1.

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll no doubt have read that, as far as fun goes, Chapter 4, Season 1 is among the best ever in our opinion. Yet, just because it’s fun, doesn’t mean that it’s been perfect. Far from it, actually. The game has suffered huge issues throughout the season and it continues into the Reality Augments.

While we’ve seen the Deku Smash mythic, Shockwave Hammer and vaulting mechanic all get disabled at some point, fans are now seeing Reality Augments get disabled as well. First, it was the Aerialist Augment a few days ago, and now it’s the Party Time augment.

It’s becoming a growing trend for Fortnite in Chapter 4 to deal with huge glitches and bugs that have led to a lot of reworking of the code. There’s no real reason as to what is going on, nor do we know the exact specifics of why these specific augments have to be temporarily vaulted, but it’s beginning to affect the game.

What does each Reality Augment that got vaulted do?

The Aerialist and Party Time Augments do similar things, so there may be an issue with the gravity of the game, or how players are landing. The Aerialist augment allows players to deploy their glider at any point in the game after they’ve lept. So in theory, players will be able to jump off a short or very tall point on the map and be able to call forth their glider. This helps keep you in the fight when someone uses a Shockwave Hammer on you.

The Party Time augment allows you to deploy balloons throughout the match, allowing you to stay above the chaos. Since this is the only way to get balloons currently, the item has been temporarily vaulted as well.

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