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Top5 Gaming posted their luckiest moments from Chapter 4 so far.

Fortnite is a wild game. It’s one of those experiences where you end up doing far more stuff by accident just to see if you can than you do on purpose. It’s one of the reasons the game is so much fun to watch because it’s a constant stream of “oh, I didn’t mean to do that!”

Top5 Gaming agrees, and they compiled their list of 40 of the luckiest moments from the game across the first season of Chapter 4. These are some wild moments, an my favorite may be hen the truck accidentally eliminates a player after it gets Deku Smash’ed

I’m sure we all had one of those moments that had us laughing out of shock and surprise, and we want to add to this, though sadly, we didn’t record it.

 What is one of our luckiest moments playing?

We’ve touched on this before, in our Reality Augments Only Run line of articles. Trying to win a game when you’re only using Reality Augments isn’t easy, especially when you get down to the final storm circle and you have zero weapons to help you.

Thankfully some clever use of a tree and a player trying to be too cute with the Party Time Reality Augment led to an unexpected victory. The opposing player was all the way up there, and when the storm circle closed for the final time and started to move, the other player for whatever reason couldn’t or wouldn’t drop and got caught in the storm.

So while I took off running to try and keep in the eye of the storm, they opted to let the storm take them out of the game. It was one of two lucky moments from an Augment Only run.

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