The Winterfest giveaways were too holiday-themed this year

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Fortnite gave away a lot of free stuff this year but it was all heavily seasonal.

Listen, we’re glad Fortnite is giving away free stuff. Sincerely. It’s a nice gesture by the outfit. They make hundreds of millions of dollars, what is $20 bucks of free stuff per player? Just so we’re clear, that’s my subtle way of saying “do it more often”.

But this year with Winterfest, everything was too themed to the Christmas season. Again, we’re not complaining about free stuff, but we’re about to. When you’re giving away free cosmetics, the hope is that you get something good, something you can use beyond the month of December.

For the last few years, the free gimmicks have been so seasonally tied, that they don’t have any real value outside of that month. Last year fans got a few things that were less holiday themed, like the more winter-centric Polar Peely and the random inclusion of a Matrix Sentinel glider.

Winterfest 2022 could’ve been better, Fortnite

So that was cool. But this year? Everything was pretty heavily tied to the holiday. That would normally be ok but when you realize this holiday in specific is pretty isolated, with a design that doesn’t work in say, May.

Players will probably end up using these Christmas-themed outfits, all year, especially if they don’t want to buy any, but if you’re going to give away free cosmetics, it’s not a huge ask that you give way ones that players can use all year round and not seem out of place with.

Sure, Sled Ready Guff is pretty close to a universal outfit as Polar Peely was, but that’s really it. Listen, we love that Fortnite gives away free stuff for the holidays, but be more like our cool uncle who gets us the Red Rider BB Gun and less like our Gram who gets us knitted socks we’re never going to wear.

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