Did the Chapter 2 live event finale set up Chapter 4’s storyline?

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Fortnite may have built Chapter 4’s storyline all the way back in Chapter 2’s finale

Fortnite may have set up the storyline or Chapter 4 all the way back in Season 2’s live event finale. During the event, The Foundation saves Jonesy from the Imagined Order and after the duo and the players head deep into the Island, The Foundation laments his predicament.

In a moment of frustration, the mountain of a man proclaims “Why does she make me keep saving you”. It was never followed up on, at least not until now. Many thought he was talking about a member of The Seven but that was just a guess.

Now in Chapter 4, the Seven are gone and are replaced by the mysterious Reality Warriors. There are theories that the Reality Warriors are progenitors to the Seven, much like the Oathbound are to the Imagined Order. If that’s the case, then it may help explain some things.

Is Fortnite connecting The Reality Warriors to The Seven?

If you go to Brutal Bastion, the home of the Reality Warriors, you will see statues of a woman in a cloak. This woman seems to be either a goddess to the Reality Warriors or maybe their chosen ruler. Either way, there is a belief among fans that The Foundation was referring to this woman that the Reality Warriors worship.

There’s a catch this, however. While it’s certainly possible, as The Seven have come from all over existence, we do know this part of the island is from Reality-659. This is a reality that we don’t know much about but it doesn’t seem likely that it’s from the Foundation’s original reality. That’s not a fact, just a theory.

There’s an infinite number of realities, and the odds don’t support the suggestion that it would be his reality. So since it’s likely not his reality and he’s far too old to have worshipped this goddess character, it’s far less likely that The Foundation and the Reality Warriors are tied together.

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