With several weeks removed, do Fortnite fans think the Fracture event was a disappointment?

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Do other fans believe that the Fracture event was a huge disappointment?

Logging into play the Fracture event was something I was most certainly looking forward to. With the idea was that it’d end much like Chapter  2 ended, a major battle with a hugely impressive cinematic. The only problem was, that isn’t really what happened.

With so much going on in the storyline, many, myself included, believed we’d be getting a final standoff with The Herald, as well as another forcer appearing like The Last Reality, The Nothing, Geno, or even Midas. Instead, we didn’t get that. In fact, we didn’t even get the final epic battle that was promised either. Instead, we got a final cinematic video that didn’t even last that long, which saw The Herald being swallowed up by the Chrome.

It was incredibly disappointing. But that wasn’t it. After that, we played for 40 or so more minutes jumping around and doing…nothing. The game just gave us mini fetch quests to do and the devs patted themselves on the back because they let us turn into props and chase after fragments. None of it mattered. No one got V-Bucks, XP, or even free cosmetics for doing all of this. None of it mattered.

So when the live event ended, and we got no advancement in the storyline, no real “epic” conclusion to the story, and just dull mini-games, I thought I was alone in thinking the event was a huge waste of time. I saw so many Fortnite fans on Twitter tweeting about how great it was.

I thought I was alone in thinking Fracture was terrible.

Fortnite fans apparently hated Fracture as much as we did

I was watching a recent Top 5 Gaming video, and they were talking about the Fracture event and how boring it was. This is a Fortnite dedicated channel and they often speak very highly about Fortnite. They aren’t known for their hot takes, just simple facts. And when I heard that other people disliked the end of Chapter 3 as much as I did, I was surprised.

I thought it was bad, especially considering Chapter 3, Season 2 gave us a great live event.

So leave a comment on here if you thought Fracture was a good or bad event and why.

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