What are all the new weapons added to the game in Chapter 4 of Fortnite?

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Fortnite has brought in a slew of new weapons for fans to use.

Fortnite fans woke up on Sunday to Chapter 4, Season 1, and boy, are things different. Not only is the entire island brand new, but players will notice that the same island chain they created in the live event is now the holding area for players.

The map being entirely different isn’t the only new thing either, as with each new season, we get a brand new armory of weapons to use to help pile up eliminations. This season is no different and may have added two of the best new weapons to the game that it’s ever seen.

While fans are looking forward to using new rifles and shotguns, the biggest addition to the weapon pool each season has to be original, unique weapons, and Fortnite added two this time around.

What new weapons are in Fortnite for Chapter 4, Season 1

Ex-Caliber Rifle

Described as a “semi-automatic rifle”, this weapon doesn’t fire bullets but swords. Actual, whole sword blades. That’s not the wildest part, these sword blades explode after impact.

Thunder Shotgun

The Thunder Shotgun is a pump-action shotgun that deals high damage and expels two rounds per shot. The name of the shotgun apparently comes from the sound it makes.

Maven Auto Shotgun

The Thunder Shotgun isn’t the only new one this season, as the Maven Auto Shotgun is also new. This is described as an automatic, fast-firing shotgun. It has less damage but a better range than the Thunder Shotgun.

Red-Eye Assault Rifle

With a controlled fire rate, this new rifle isn’t too uncommon from past rifles but features a red dot sight.

Twin Mag SMG

An SMG whose gimmick is having two magazines attached to one another for a quicker reload.

Tactical Pistol

The best pistol the game has ever had, a fast-firing automatic piston that fires more like an automatic weapon.

Shockwave Hammer

The Shockwave Hammer can both harm your opponents, and allow you to fast travel. This is like a Shockwave Grenade on steroids. Not only can it launch players away from you, which can cause damage to them, but the impact will also cause 75 points of damage.

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