Fortnite finally unveils Trail Thrasher Dirt Bike but is it any good?

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Fortnite has brought in the Trail Thrasher Dirt Bike finally

Fortnite has finally brought in the Trail Thrasher Dirt Bike after hinting at it for months. The bike was hinted at several seasons ago and many thought we’d be getting it at some point after the game vaulted the Quadcrashers.

The new bikes are two-wheel, all-terrain vehicles, that allow you to spring in the air if you hold down the correct button for long enough. They are specifically designed to bring back stunts into Fortnite and they’re doing just that.

The bike is a bit loosey in that regard and isn’t the best at handling but it’s quick and allows you to do a lot while riding it, most of all tricks. The other element that it provides players is the ability to fire their weapons while riding.

Yes, your accuracy is affected some but it’s the first time I can think of that you can actually shoot at your opponents while riding in a vehicle.

Are the Trail Trasher Dirt Bikes better than the Quadcrasher 4-Wheelers?

The big question is how the Trail Thrasher Dirt Bikes stack up. On their own, they’re fine. They’re a bit finicky and unstable, but they’re fast and that helps make up for that. They also allow you to engage in combat which is great if you’re tracking someone, but terrible if you’re in pursuit and just want to get away from them.

Yet, the real comparison is if they stack up to the Quadcrashers. On their own, the bikes are good, yet, compared to the Quadcrasher, they lack an element that the quads could do.

With the Quadcrashers, you could not only jump off ramps like the Trasher, but you could then use your engine to propel you into the air and actually fly for a bit. That ability to gain ground and distance on opposing players was a great element that this Thrasher just doesn’t have.

The Thrasher is still a welcomed addition, however.

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