Fortnite Chapter 4 has a load of brand new consumables

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Fortnite has a few more consumables for fans to enjoy

Fortnite has brought in a load of new items, weapons, and consumables to Fortnite for Chapter 4, Season 1. This isn’t new, this happens with every new season that Fortnite introduces but these new consumables are very different.

The new items aren’t very powerful, at all. The two new healing items are the Slap Berries, which are a lot like the Klomb Berries from Chapter 3, and the Slap Juice. Neither adds more than 15 points to your health.

Here’s how Fortnite describes them;

"Slap BerriesThis fruit is so refreshing you won’t want to stand still. Eat one for not only Effective Health but also short-term unlimited Energy regen to stay sprinting longer.Slap JuiceThanks to the Slap Juice factory at Slappy Shores, there’s Slap Juice! Slap Juice grants more Effective Health than a Slap Berry, and also a longer temporary Energy regen."

The other new item is the Sky Jellies, which is a group of floating jellyfishes that send your player into the air and provide a small health boast

From Fortnite;

"No Healing Items Nearby? Seek Sky JelliesIf you see these jellyfish nearby, fear not — they want to help you. If you come in contact with these floating creatures, you’ll experience a bounce effect… and have some Effective Health restored!"

It feels like there are limited healing items this time around

If you’re wondering if there are fewer healing items this time around than in previous seasons, you may not be the only one thinking that. Shield Positions have seemingly been reduced quite significantly, though I have no confirmation that’s been the intention.

I’ve also yet to see the Shield Spray from the last Chapter, so if they’re here, I haven’t seen them yet, but they may have been vaulted (more on this later this week).

Part of the reason this may be the case is that there are new perks, some of which can provide a healing boast, like Bush Warrior, or give you random Chug Splashes or a Chug Cannon.

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