Fortnite may have revealed the Fracture down-time images

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Fortnite may have had its downtime revealed to fans (potential spoiler)

Fortnite is preparing for the Fracture event this upcoming Saturday, and fans are mining everything they can trying to find the details of the event before it drops. The event starts at 4 PM ET and will last nearly 40 minutes, and that has fans wondering what exactly will be going on in this event.

The event will bring Chapter 3 to a close and an entirely new map will be uploaded after the event is over. The entire process could take up to two full days, which means that fans will be essentially locked out of the game until the new map is uploaded.

Much like with past Chapter-ending events before, more than likely the player will find themselves existing in a moment, unable to do anything. The end of Chapter 2 saw players floating in the ocean waiting for the new island to finish flipping.

Well, apparently the potential chapter ending screen has been leaked, with players supposedly floating on their own patch for the island. This is just speculation, and clearly, anything can happen during the event but this seems pretty logical, considering all that we know.

The Chapter 4 map will seemingly be fragmented in some way

We’re not entirely sure what the map will look like for Chapter 4, but we do know what some fans think it’ll look like. Many believe the map will be segmented, or fractured, along specific lines, creating smaller islands that players will have to traverse around.

It may also mean that the island will feature portions of older maps as well, which was long-rumored to be part of the game’s fourth chapter. Whether or not there are any older locations is another thing we’ll have to wait to see.

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