3 of the best moments from Fortnite’s third chapter

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Fortnite has had a lot of big moments this year and these are three of the best.

Chapter 3 was an up-and-down chapter but that doesn’t mean it didn’t have its fair share of moments for fans to engage in. The chapter started off with an island mostly covered in snow, and as the snow melted away, fans were treated to one surprise after another.

Then there was the Chapter 3, Season 2 live event, which saw fans pilot a giant mech to battle the Imagined Order. Of course, there was the revelation of The Herald, Brie Larson as a Fortnite character, and of course the disappearance of The Seven.

Yet, of all of the moments this year, we think these three hold the most weight and are the most memorable.

Three best moments from Fortnite’s third season

The return of Tilted Towers

When the ice started to melt away, Fortnite fans got a huge surprise, as a giant part of the island that was once thought of as just ice and snow, was actually a secret location. That location was the iconic Tilted Towers POI from earlier in the game’s run. Fans were shocked to see the iconic location back, especially knowing that it was just hiding under the snow during Season 1.

Peely saves the day

When the Collision event took place, fans were tasked with helping out with the assault on the Imagined Order. The IO was able to get the upper hand however and down the giant mech. Out of nowhere, Peely, who had been learning (and struggling) to drive, came out of nowhere to save the day. It was one of the biggest moments of the chapter and fans are still raving about the moment to this day.

The fake Goku/Battle Bus video

While it may not have been a real video, when the now-viral moment dropped, fans everywhere were shocked to see a player use the Kamehameha to take out 99 other players on the Battle Bus before the game even started. It was fake, but for just a brief period of time, fans were enthralled with what they saw.

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