Fortnite reveals its Fright and Delight row in Discovery for Fortnitemares

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Fortnite has released its Fortnitemares trailer.

If you’re new to Fortnite, you may be surprised to hear that there’s more to the game than just the Battle Royale mode. Sure, there are the team modes, the Zero Build gameplay, creative, and even Save the World; the stand-alone single-player game. But most fans don’t realize when they hop into Fortnite that there is a world of creator-made games that exist.

Prop Hunt and Imposters were two of my favorite game modes in Fortnite that I got into, but they aren’t the only ones you could play. They’re gone now but new ones have replaced them. Fortnite has a tendency to bring in some really unique game types every so often and replace certain game types with others.

They sometimes revolve around the seasons and holidays and for Fortnitemares, that’s exactly what happened. There are new game modes you can play that are not your typical Battle Royale concept.

Fortnite is promoting five new game modes for Fortnitemares

Back Rooms

Back Rooms sees players running from Monsters in a LTM that takes away all weapons and leaves you with a flashlight. The concept is based on the newest craze in Creepy Pasta media, where people end up in some fictitious parallel dimension made up of hallways.

Hide Game: Fall Festival

In the vein of Prop Hunts, Fall Festival sees players try to hide from those with weapons and hopefully last long enough to win the game. It’s a spookier version of Hide and Seek.

Scariest PVP FFA Map

If you’re a fan of player versus player, and free for all action, the Scariest Map concept puts you in a dark, and dimly lit map and asks you to try and win.


Similar to the above Scariest Map, but this time with a UFO theme.

Davy Jones Locker

The Davy Jones Locker LTM seems to put the player and a few others in a horde rush-like set up where players have to survive waves of monsters.

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