The Munsters would make for perfect Fortnite characters

The Munsters. Image courtesy Universal 1440 Entertainment, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment
The Munsters. Image courtesy Universal 1440 Entertainment, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment /

The Munsters is out now on Netflix and they make the perfect additions to Fortnite.

The Munsters prequel/remake is out on Netflix by director Rob Zombie. The film is getting mixed reviews with most critics and Netflix fans thumbing their nose down at the film, but many fans of the Munsters from the 1960s praise the film for being a perfect remake/prequel of the original film.

For me, I’ll take the praise of the fandom over the snubbing of critics. The Munsters are the perfect monster family for Halloween because, for them, every day is Halloween. While I haven’t seen the new film myself, I will say that whenever Fortnite and crossovers come to mind, it’s less about what one likes and more about what fits.

The Munsters are Fortnite characters from a time long ago. The goofy shtick, the slapstick humor, and the bombastic personalities are all things that make Fortnite great. Those are also all things that define the Munsters.

So let’s add them to the world of Fortnite for this Halloween?

The three Munsters we want in Fortnite this Halloween

Herman Munster

Herman is the goofiest, sweetest man in the world. Even though he’s a monster, he’s always raised his son to believe that the content of a person is the only thing worth noticing. For a monster who was always scarring others by accident, it made his wise words carry more emphasis. Herman’s also a goofball and seeing him run around with a llama back bling would be hilarious.

Lily Munster

For a vampire, no one can say Lily isn’t a very warm and inviting woman. She’s Herman’s wife and is always ready to stand up for the right thing and protect her family. Her unwavering affection for her husband has made her “wife goals” for everyone who has ever seen the show. Her look, however, is what sets her apart from the standard fair of monster women. She has color and pizazz while also embracing that Goth-chic vibe that was in style in the 1960s and is so en vogue today.


If you have the Munsters, you need their house in the game, 1313 Mockingbird Lane. If you have the house, you have to have a player trap, and that’s where Spot comes in. The extremely large dragon lives under the Munsters’ staircase and breathes fire, which would be the perfect way to get some players eliminated.

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