Has the new season brought players back to Fortnite?

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Fortnite lost a lot of fans over the summer, but did they gain any back after the change in seasons?

Fortnite really dropped the ball over the summer. Heading into June the game had 269+ million players and saw single-day highs of 24 million. Over the course of the summer, they lost nearly 13 million players. Heading into September they were at 257+ million players with a single day high of 23 million.

The start of September hasn’t been much better, the game is now down to 253 million active players and a single-day high of 22 million players. The complete numbers for September aren’t available yet, but the numbers from activeplayer.io aren’t promising. The game is down well over 16 million players since June.

There was a slight gain in August of about 2 million or so players, thanks to the Dragon Ball crossover, but that was only able to move the needles just a bit and it’s worth noting that is considered the most popular crossover of all time.

It kind of makes you wonder why they do crossovers then.

The rumored new Chapter may be a response to the last few months

The new season is not doing well apparently, as the numbers continue to decline. Granted, it’s not as bad as November of 2020 when the game lost 54 million players in one month. The decline in the player base may be why the game is seemingly rushing out the newest Chapter at the end of the year.

When Chapter 3, Season 4 ends, many believe that Chapter 4 will begin, not Chapter 3, Season 5. If that’s the case, it may be a desperate move by Fortnite to goose the player base back to the game. The game will be down for 48 hours during that period and players won’t be able to access the game. This is a strong sign that the new map is in fact coming at the end of this season.

A new Chapter would be interesting and all, but Fortnite has to do a better job of delivering on its promises if they want to keep players. No Sweat Summer was an utter disaster and it doesn’t matter how many chapters they change, if they keep failing to deliver it won’t matter.

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