Affordable Checkered Past Pack added to Fortnite store

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Fortnite fans can now purchase the Checkered Past Pack.

Are you new to the world of Fortnite or don’t have a lot of money to spend on the game? Well, for just $3.99, you can now pick up the  Checkered Past Pack from the Fortnite Store. It’s only around for a few more days, and was the last in the Chapter 3 Starter Packs.

The pack comes with the Veronika Outfit, Thudthumper Pickaxe, the Scratches Wrap, and the Good Ol’ Pete Back Bling. Purchasing the pack will also net you 600 V-Bucks as well. The character definitely has her own zip, as her description reads, “Much like her trusty Thudthumper, Veronika is blunt and to the point.”

The checkered pattern and skull back bling (Gold Ol’ Pete), gives her a unique look, even if her general design isn’t anything to write home about. She’s a great starter character that fans who are interested should get, especially if they’ve been collecting the other starter packs from the chapter.

The Checkered Past Pack isn’t the only one still in the Fortnite Store

She’s not the only outfit worth getting, however. Other items still listed as a special offer or bundle include the Graveyard Drift Quest Pack, the Corrupted Legends Pack, the Dark Reflections Pack, and the Fortnite Minty Legends pack.

The Graveyard Drift Quest Pack includes the Driftwalker outfit. The Corrupted Legends pack includes three outfits, all Corrupted and those three are Arachne, Insight, and Shogun. The Dark Reflections offer the same gimmick for each character as well, but this time the “Dark” moniker is the gimmick for the Wild Card, Red Knight, and Jonesy characters.

Lastly, the Minty Legends pack again applies the Minty aspect to each character, giving you a Minty version of Aura, Bomber, and Oro.

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