Twitch streamer Pgod gets a new Locker Bundle for fans to purchase

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Fortnite fans have a new Locker Bundle to check out with Pgod.

For some fans, you may not know who Pgod is. He’s a fairly popular Twitch streamer who has 1.4 million subscribers and followers across Twitch, Twitter and Instagram. He’s known for his Fortnite and Minecraft streams, and now he’s also the next player-creator to get a Locker Bundle.

Purchasing the Pgod Locker Bundle will get you the Chill Count Outfit, the Chaos Glider, the Party Hips emote, and the Starstruck Axe Pickaxe. All outfits and cosmetics here are also available currently for individual purchase as well. The pack will cost 1,700 V-Bucks.

Locker Bundles for creators are pretty common and you usually get a few of them every couple of weeks, so seeing whose set you like the most is always part of the fun. Especially when a cool item is included that you can purchase separately.

How is Pgods Locker Bundle?

A good outfit for a bundle is key, whether it’s a player bundle or some sort of Fortnite summer pack bundle. The Chill Count Outfi is basic but it works. The camouflage gives it a unique vibe and the minimal facepaint tells you that the character is a real player.

As for the Chaos Glider, it’s not great. It’s fine. The design works and the color scheme is fantastic but for a Locker Bundle, you’d hope for something a bit more unique than a standard-looking glider.

As far as the Party Hips emote goes, it’s not one that really works with the aesthetic of the character. I like hammy emotes, but they have to fit with the character and or bundle.

That lastly leaves us with the Starstruck Axe Pickaxe. The shape and color scheme work, but the design of the star itself makes me think more of the old “The more you know” videos from NBC and less, you know, shooty-shooty, bang-bang.

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