3 game modes we’d like to see be included in Fortnite 2 or Save the World 2

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Fortnite has been around for a while so should a sequel ever come out what would we like to see in it?

Fortnite has now been around for five years, and eventually, the folks at Epic Games will release a new game. While it probably won’t be a new game, we could get a new Save the World game.

If we did get a new Save the World game, I would hope that it wouldn’t be a one-to-one re-creation of what we’ve had. I’d hope that they would be creative and expand its brand. I think one of the biggest issues that Fortnite has with keeping its player base is the sameness across the board.

So if you could find a new game mode to keep fans engaged during lulls of Battle Royale, then you won’t have to worry about losing the base entirely. So what game modes should the brand consider?

Three game modes that Fortnite should consider

RPG Turn Base

I think fans would love a turn basfe RPG, much akin to the old Final Fantasy days, involving Save the World characters. Since most of them have their own unique abilities, this would really go into further highlighting and developing these original characters. Since fans want more originality and fewer crossovers it seems, this seems like the natural progression.

First Person Horror

Fortnite started out as a horror game, but slowly turned into the slapstick mayhem that its become, and with their soon-to-be-released first-person mode, releasing a horror themed inspired first-person game would be a treat for many horror game enthusiasts. Though, something kid-friendly and more Haunted Mansion and less House of 1000 Corpses would be fun too.


If we can’t get Solid Snake in the game, can we at least get a Fortnite stealth game?

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