Watch: Top5Gaming’s “34 Fortnite Things You FORGOT Existed”

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Top5Gaming released their newest video looking at past items from Fortnite.

Fortnite went on sale for the first time five years ago this week. For a franchise, it’s not very old, as Mario has been around for 40 years, and others for several decades themselves. Yet, for only being around for five years Fortnite has changed quite a bit.

Unlike those other game series, Fortnite is constantly updating itself, so while Mario is basically the same fame for the first decade or so of its existence, save for cosmetic changes, Fortnite has completely retooled itself in the following years.

As a player of the game for less than a year, I find the evolution of the game fascinating. It’s been around for a fairly long time, at least as far as gaming franchises are concerned but to see how dramatically it’s changed will never not impress me.

Five things I wish I got to experience in Fortnite

Dancing Aliens

I love whacky and crazy science fiction things, so being able to go into a house and turn on a television and see aliens dancing for no reason is straight up my alley for things I find amusing.

Spikey Stadium

We’re seeing something like this return to the game this summer with Port-A-Fort’s but they’re small and far from impressive like the Spikey Stadium. Fortnite should release more of these gimmicks in the game but should limit them to only one per map.

Electric Cars

In 2019, the game featured every vehicle as an electric car hybrid. I’d like this to be the new trend, and get rid of gas stations entirely.

Mr. Hillman’s Message

The game is supposed to be silly, and seeing a message that says, “Mr. Hillman says stop playing in class”, pop up in the game is exactly the vibe I’m looking for.

Bud the Mushroom

I want a Bud.

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