3 game modes Fortnite is hyping up on Twitter for players to try

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Fortnite is hoping players try out these three fan-made games.

Fortnite does a great job of pushing its creators. That’s one of the things that will really help fortify the game as it continues to get older and older, the backing and promotion of the players who make the game what it is.

By allowing players to always create new maps and such, fans will have an endless amount of new content to play, and some of these player-made content creations are amazing and well done. That’s why Fortnite is helping promote them for No Sweat Summer.

If you’re tired of the Battle Royale style play, there are tons of new game modes being created every day by fans that help freshen up the game. We’re talking about three of them that Fortnite has been promoting on Twitter.

Here are three game modes you should try in Fortnite

Pool Party – Prop Hunt by Marablind

Like with other Prop Hunt games, the goal is to find as many players as possible who are hiding around the map as various objects. It’s a game of hide and go seek, but the hiders can move around and the seekers are given weapons to help find them.

Summer Vibes by fn_caly

A collection of mini-games, not too dissimilar from Mario Party, sees players avoid traps, race one another and play a massive game of Twister, where instead of having to bend over when the color is called, you have to sprint to the proper square. It looks like a lot of fun.

Color Switch by paw_slow

Like the Summer Vibes game, Color Switch is another party game but this one seemingly focuses on just the Twister-like game, called Color Switch. You basically just try and avoid falling in the water. A simple concept, a but hard to execute.

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