3 changes we hope Fortnite makes in the foreseeable future

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Fortnite needs to rebound strongly with Chapter 3, Season 4

No Sweat Summer has been seriously lacking. Maybe I’m not completely over the game canceling the skating update that was promised with Fortnite’s summer event. It’s probably that, but that doesn’t mean the season has been as well received as pasts.

There are plenty of fans not happy with the weapon selection, the length of the season, the lack of updates, and of course, the failure to deliver on promises.

Fans were not just hoping for a new mechanic with the debut of No Sweat Summer, they were also hoping for a new type of motorbike. Fans haven’t had one in Fortnite since the developers got rid of the always-fun Quad Crashers. Yet, we have things like first-person mode, which I can’t imagine will make the game better for many people.

First-person is a very tired trope in gaming, made worse by the desire for every developer to move into virtual reality.

So instead of wanting things, we’ll never use, here are three things we hope Fortnite does in the future.

3 changes we hope Fortnite makes

A sillier future

The game has gotten pretty dark over the last few seasons, taking a more mature approach to telling its story. Fortnite was always a silly concept, with silly characters, and that’s what the game thrived on. Then it got super serious with the Imagined Order and The Seven’s War. I miss the days when an alien invasion happened and the alien character in Fortnite was waving at them. That’s the stuff I want.

More dumb vehicles

Yeah, tanks and such are great, but where’s the dumb? I want ice cream trucks that have warp features. I want sailboats on wheels that you paddle to propel. I don’t care about riding wolves. I want a merry-go-round horse that only moves laterally. Get dumb, Epic Games. Dumb is fun and fun is where you thrive.

Air battles

Fortnite really missed a great opportunity to raise the stakes of the game by making the blimps much higher and giving players planes. Here’s hoping this eventually comes to fruition.

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