Fortnite has released a new Beary Cuddly Bundle for fans to purchase

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Fans of Fortnite may want to get their hands on the Cuddly Bundle.

Fortnite is always looking for ways to get eyes on new characters, and one of the best ways to do that is through a bundle. Usually, when a new character is released, they get released alongside a host of other new items. From various outfits to cosmetics, it’s usually a lot of variety and options for players.

Yet, one of the things that always bother players is how expensive it is to buy items from the Fortnite store. Having to shell out that much money can be a real drain on the desire to play the game. That’s why bundle sets are usually the best bang for your buck.

For “just” 1,700 V-Bucks, fans can now get the Beary Cuddly Bundle pack. The pack includes the new Syd outfit, a Cuddlebear Back Bling, Weighted Spikegloves Pickaxe, and the Heartwave Wrap

To get just the outfit, pickaxe, and wrap individually, you’d spend 2,300 V-Bucks. That doesn’t factor in the Cuddlebeara Back Bling either.

The Syd outfit isn’t the best but if it’s your thing this is a bundle you can’t pass up

The new Syd outfit isn’t my cup of tea. She’s wearing a hoody that has a bear for the hood, purple overalls, green hair, and a general overall pink vibe. I’ve seen much better new outfits that have been released during the No Sweat Summer event, so I personally wouldn’t be lining up for this outfit.

Yet, if this outfit does it for you, getting the bundle is the way to go. You’re nearly spending as much for the outfit alone (1,200 V-Bucks) as you would the entire bundle, plus you’re getting some decent cosmetics. Not to mention a back bling you can’t buy on its own.

So all in all, a solid offering.

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