There’s a mini-live event in Fortnite every time a time zone hits midnight

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Fans can now experience fireworks in-game for No Sweat Summer.

You gotta give it to Fortnite, they do a decent job of really capturing seasons and holidays in-game. For things like New Year’s Eve, they had fireworks every hour as different time zones entered the new year. It was a neat little thing that the developers did to help celebrate the holiday.

That’s not the only time you’re getting fireworks in the game, however. Especially not with No Sweat Summer raging in the game. While fans were able to create their own via the firework flare gun, Fortnite upped the ante with the new summer gimmick.

At midnight across the world, regardless of the timezone, you’re in, you can see fireworks shooting off in the eastern portion of the island. They’re just beyond the ruined Foundation statue in the bay.

They’re pretty spectacular and fans seem pretty in awes of them, and considering how impressive they look in-game, we can see why.

You don’t need to be near the East beaches to see the fireworks

The best part about the fireworks is that you don’t need to be anywhere near the east beach to see them going off. The island is a pretty big place, and you’d think that if you weren’t very close to the beach you wouldn’t be able to see them, yet player videos from as deep in the game as Tilted Towers can clearly see the fireworks going off over the ridges and hills that would normally block a players view of the area.

Now, the higher you get the better view you’ll see, but being able to see these fireworks from the street of Tilted Towers is pretty awesome.

So be sure to check the fireworks out for yourself before the end of No Sweat Summer.

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