Rumor: These are the 4 Dragon Ball characters coming to Fortnite

Goku vs. Oozaru Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot for the PS4 and Xbox One.
Goku vs. Oozaru Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot for the PS4 and Xbox One. /

These are the four rumored Dragon Ball characters coming to Fortnite.

Fortnite is seemingly full bore ahead with a rumored Dragon Ball crossover. The collaboration is happening right before the newest Dragon Ball film, which is coming out in August and will feature a whole new adventure for the franchise. A franchise that is nearly 40 years old at this point and is refusing to slow down.

So it’s no surprise that ahead of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’s release, they would do a collaboration with Fortnite. After all, Dragon Ball is embracing anime properties and themes. They recently did their second collab with Naruto and they’re even reimagining some of their characters in an anime style that fans can purchase later this year.

That means a collab with Fortnite makes sense, and unlike Fall Guys, which only gave players the option of buying back bling’s, the Fortnite X Dragon Ball crossover will include four characters that fans can purchase.

These four characters are rumored to be franchise lead character Goku, his rival and “frenemy”, Vegeta, Vegeta’s wife and long-time franchise character Bulma, and newer character Beerus. Beerus for lapsed fans debuted in the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods era of the franchise.

With these rumors, there are something fans of the series will want to hear, the working rumor is that both Goku and Vegeta will have Super Saiyan variants upon purchase.

This is a fine foursome for Dragon Ball X Fortnite 1

This will not be the only crossover between the two brands, assuming one side doesn’t screw the pooch. So considering that there will be a second crossover event eventually, Goku, Bulma, and Vegeta will satisfy a lot of old-school fans.

Breeus is an odd choice but Dragon Ball may have long-term plans for the character, which would explain why they’re trying to get him more exposure.

Bulma and Goku are series originals, so I doubt too many fans will have an issue with them, and Vegeta is just dope. Especially after the Dragon Ball Z Abridged series came out and made him the most quotable character ever.

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