Is Fortnite hinting at an Alice in Wonderland crossover?

The Cheshire Cat from "Alice in Wonderland" in the garden of Lisa and Glenn Todd in Louisville.May 25, 2022Garden 41
The Cheshire Cat from "Alice in Wonderland" in the garden of Lisa and Glenn Todd in Louisville.May 25, 2022Garden 41 /

Fortnite is a brand that subtly hints at the future and they may be doing it again with Alice in Wonderland.

Fortnite largely does things in plain view, and right under your nose. It’s hard to know if the game is in fact trying to hint at a future event, simply creating a point of interest that alludes to something they like or if a series of events culminating in a coincidence and nothing more.

That’s what fans are wondering about the latest POI (point of interest) where it seems Fortnite is referencing to an Alice in Wonderland collaboration that could be in the works.

If you go to Greasy Grove, and look for the partially destroyed blue house, with the beach deck wrapped around it, you’ll find an interesting sight. In the house’s yard, you’ll see a small tea party. There are a few seats, a selection of macaroons, and a teapot littered with hearts on it.

Now, on its own, it may not look like a reference to Alice in Wonderland but with the Reality Tree affecting the island and changing the color of the island from natural greens and browns to more warped blues and purples, it feels more like a scene from the iconic book.

Is Alice in Wonderland still that popular to warrant a collaboration?

While the teapot with hearts on it is surely a reference to Alice in Wonderland, it seems unlikely that Fortnite, a brand that caters to modern franchises and in-vogue trends, would do a collaboration with Lewis Carroll’s book from 1865.

Most of the franchises that Fortnite crosses over with are happening in real-time. The new Dragon Ball crossover comes right before the release of a new film, and Indiana Jones 5 is in production right now.

Star Wars is constantly pumping out new material. So even though these brands are old, they’re modern and active.

Now, if there’s a new Alice in Wonderland movie or series coming that I’m unaware of, then this collaboration may just happen.

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