Fortnite promises special Crew announcement involving the ocean

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Fortnite fans wanting more oceanic things may be happy with this special Crew announcement.

Fortnite has a tendency to do things that are a bit of an odd choice. When people say go right, they say four. It’s a wild environment to be in as a gamer. So no one should be surprised that Fortnite has all but confirmed something fishy is going on with July’s Crew Pack.

Coming in August, Epic Games has confirmed via the game’s Twitter page, that there will be a “special Crew announcement” coming in August. What this means is anyone’s guess, but if you look at the wording of the announcement, there is certainly something there.

Something a bit odd.

The Fortnite Twitter account posted a gif of the newest Fortnite Crew character, Phaedra, and the inky drops that have become part of her character design. Then you see that the language seems to hint at something from the ocean.

The words “seas”, “moray” and “tentacles” seems to hint at an ocean-based character coming to the pack.

Moray, for those that don’t know, is a type of eel.

"Be everything you sea (& moray) Fortnite Crew’s July Pack is available now. *and hang on to your tentacles for a special Crew announcement later this month"

The special crew announcement seems to be hinting at something eely

Maybe this is a return of an older character like say Fishsticks, or maybe this is going to be an entirely new one. More than likely, whatever this character is, is going to be hugely and heavily promoted, as this isn’t the normal trend for the Crew announcements.

It may be a sign that the subscription-based package isn’t performing well, and they’re simply trying a new way to hype the upcoming character, but for right now there isn’t a clear sign of who or why Fortnite is going this route.

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