Fortnite partners with Kaws to release KAWSPEELY outfit

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Fortnite has partnered with American artists Kaws to create KAWSPEELY.

Oh, Peely, you adorable banana, what would we ever do without you. Not too long ago I was on here talking about how we needed more Peely in Fortnite, and boy, did the folks at Epic Games deliver. They partnered up with an American artist named Kaws (aka Brian Donnelly) to bring in his famous Companion series of creations into the game.

Not only can fans of the artist and the game finally find a middle ground with the recently released KAWS Skeleton, the KAWS Companion Far From Home Glider, and the KAWS Companion back bling, Ripe on Time wrap but fans of Fortnite can now get their hands on KAWSPEELY as well.

The character is as it sounds, it’s Peely but as a KAWS Companion as well,

There is of course a bundle that you can get that comes with the KAWSPEELY outfit, the KAWS Companion back bling, the Far From Home glider, and the Ripe on Time Wrap. That goes for 1,800 V-bucks, while the KAWS Skeleton outfit and the KAWSPEELY outfit on its own both go for 1,200 V-Bucks.

The KAWSPEELY outfit isn’t the best design but it’s interesting

The Companion design has been around for over 20 years at this point, and it seems odd that the folks at Fortnite would dig into the well of something that old and that far removed from the pop culture zeitgeist. Sure, they’re still relevant to a degree, as they keep popping up everywhere but they aren’t what you would call a contemporary design.

Still, it’s a fairly classic character design, and the design Fortnite has for the skeleton is great. That said, the Peely design isn’t the best thing I’ve ever seen and it looks too shoehorned for it to work. However, if you were hungry for a new Peely design, then you shouldn’t get too split up about this sundae of a design.

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