What was updated in Fortnite with the v21.10 patch

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Fortnite’s newest patch is here but what was updated?

Fortnite has installed the new v21.10 patch for Fortnite this week and it’s included some major changes, including the arrival of Darth Vader as a Fortnite boss after being revealed in the season three trailer.

The first thing that you’ll notice when you start a match is that an Imperial shuttle flies down from the sky as you’re leaving the bus.  He’s in town with his iconic lightsaber and will find a new spot to land in every match. He’s got two Stormtroopers with him, and comes with the abilities to dash attack and force choke you, so you better watch out. Not only that but he can fling his lightsaber at you like a boomerang.

If you defeat him and his troopers, you can get the Vader lightsaber but if you just want to rummage around, you can do that too, as each landing spot has the standard E-11 blasters for fans to find once again.

Fans are now able to also tag their profiles with the new social tags option. Pick tags that you think the best highlight your gaming preference and in doing so, the game will recommend new game modes to try.

What else is in the new patch update for Fortnite?

If you have the Battle Pass, you have new Bonus Rewards to get. These include different styles for the current season of outfits, assuming you are past Level 100.  If you hit 140, you will unlock the Platinum Rift, Lapis Slurp, and Auric Blaze Styles for Malik, Evie, Adira, Sabina, and Stormfarer.

There have also been changes to the Reality Saplings as well. The fruits have been nerfed a bit, with the production rate now

  • 3 fruits when Uncommon or Rare
  • 2 fruits when Epic
  • 1 fruit when Legendary or Mythic

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