Fortnite has introduced the Ripsaw and things are gonna get messy

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Fortnite has brought out the Ripsaw finally but what is it like?

The newest item to the weapon pool in Fortnite is the Ripsaw, a duel device that not only flights a saw blade out at high speeds but can also be used as a typical saw tool as well. So instead of having to shoot the blade, you can just use it as a melee weapon.

When you shoot the saw blade, it will go for a pretty far distance and will give you any raw material you cut down in the process. It’s great for Fortnite Battle Royale contests, as it will cut through literally anything, giving you a chance to bring down someone’s well-designed fort and then open up on them in a hail of bullets.

The new tool can be found north of Logjam Lotus, which is a new place on the map that changes every game. It replaces Logjam Lumberyard on the map.

It’s near the top of the map, right next to the water. It’s a barn-like building, with a bunch of Ripsaws available to be had. Be warned, it takes longer to pick up this item than normally so make sure you’re not in a hurry.

The Ripsaw is utterly useless in Zero Build mode

The Ripsaw is specifically designed with standard Fortnite modes in mind, as it’s pretty awful as a weapon. The tool is best used for cutting down structures and getting into buildings but the Heavy Sniper Rifle does the same thing and can carry more than just 12 shots; which is all this carries. You can fire three shots at a time, with a re-load time of 3.5 seconds in between.

The blades go for about 10 seconds and will injure anything it hits going forward.

If you’re in a Zero Build game, however, you’re better off just skipping the item unless you’re curious.

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