Want a free wrap? Then go play Fortnite’s Arena Mode

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Fortnite fans can now earn a free wrap if they play Arena Mode.

Fortnite fans are always looking for free goodies. The game charges around $20 dollars USD for most of its premium outfits, and not everyone is looking to drop that kind of cash on character designs. Most players just do the free character design that the game provides for them.

Yet, every so often, the game developers will give the players a chance to get free stuff. A big example of this was during Christmas 2021, when throughout the month of December players got free goodies, including two free characters outfits. Of course one of them was Polar Peely.

That wasn’t all, as players also got a Maxtrix glider, a snowboarding glider, and numerous wraps upon other items. Well if you’re new to the game, missed those free goodies, or are always trying to find the next offering, you have a new opportunity.

All you gotta do is compete for it.

Play Arena Mode and get a free Fortnite item wrap

Players who are feeling frisky enough can to the game mode screen and select Arena Mode. Once you’re in, if you’re new, you’ll start the journey onto the Contender League Division I. It’s a few hundred points, and once you reach that, you’ll get a new wrapped based on your division level in that mode.

The wrap is already available for players to earn but be aware, that this isn’t your normal game of Fortnite. The competition is better, there seem to be fewer shields, and the game as a whole is stripped of many of the traditional items you may find in your traditional Battle Royale or Zero Build modes.

You will be faced with tough competition but if you’re just into surviving, you can wrack up points for surviving past certain milestones.

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