Sayara is a smooth new skin for Chapter 3, Season 2 of Fortnite

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Sayara is a smooth new skin coming to Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2

We’ve already talked about our five favorite skins/costumes that were brought back or debuted for Fortnite fans in Chapter 3, Season 2. One of those that we weren’t sold on was Doctor Strange, which seemed pretty ‘meh’.

Well, Fortnite must read our stuff because they’re bringing in a new, cat-burglar-themed costume that really seems to hit the right notes.

This new character/costume/skin is called Sayara. They’re really hammering home the idea that she’s this elusive, cunning character, that’s been watching from the shadows the entire time and now she’s ready to join the fight.

She’s not just coming in with an awesome-looking design but she also has some unique-looking bling.

According to Fortnite, this is what she’s coming to the game with;

"April Crew Pack: Sayara and then SomeIn addition to the Sayara Outfit, the April Crew Pack contains the following items:Fangs of Sayara Back Bling: A Back Bling holding two blades. (Both as sharp as Sayara’s senses.)Dual Machettas Pickaxe: No hand’s idle with this dual-wield Pickaxe.Sayara Sight Wrap: Make even your gear a reminder of Sayara."

Sayara skin is among some of the best new designs for Season 2

Fortnite really does a great job of capturing the idea of a character and making them both unique and fitting into the larger Fortnite landscape. There’s a superhero element to many of their creations and Sayara is another example of them creating a character that fits both in this world and in a fanmade version.

The black and neon pink really compliment each other well, and it makes fans feel like they’re back in the mid-90s, when guys like Bret Hart were making pink cool. This is a character that I would expect to see a lot of once it’s released on April 1.

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