Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Week 1 Quests Guide: The fastest methods detailed

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I love that new Season smell. Of course, this means a fresh new Battle Pass with fresh new skins and fresh new Quests to complete. Don’t get behind this Season. Our Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Quests guide has everything you need to stay on track.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Season Quests: Week 1

Use the Repair Torch to fix a vehicle 0/200

Your first step to completing this Quest is to get a Repair Torch. You can take these off IO Guards, or score them anywhere fine loot is obtained.

To fix a vehicle, it has to be damaged first. Your harvesting tool might be worthless right now, but you can use it to hit a vehicle for you to restore it. Top off 200 health on a vehicle to complete this Quest.

Spend Bars 0/500

There’s a twist to NPCs this Season. You need to find one in the blue zones on the map. NPCs in red zones will fire at you, and you won’t be able to spend bars to buy stuff from them.

Search Chests on IO Airships 0/3

The easiest way to search chests on IO Airships is to land on an IO Blimp right when the match starts. You’ll be able to find them floating over POIs. They’re crawling with hostiles, so be sure you grab a weapon to defend yourself.

Mantle onto a ledge within 3 seconds of Sprinting 0/3

This one is pretty self explanatory. Sprint towards a wall you can mantle on, and then jump and climb the ledge.

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Launch yourself 150 meters from a Siege Cannon 0/150

While you’re on the IO Blimp, you can launch yourself from the Siege Cannon by aiming to load yourself. Fling yourself across the map to easily complete this Quest.

Deal damage to IO Forces 0/500

Again, you can find IO enemies on the Blimp. IO Guards on the blimp have 250 total health and shields, so eliminating two of them should complete the Quest.

You can also make progress on this Quest by fighting Slone or Huntmaster Saber if you’re up for a challenging Boss fight.

Collect a Drum Shotgun and a Combat SMG in a single match 0/2

Just keep an eye on these two weapons and collect them when you can.