Where are the sinkholes so far in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1

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Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1 is seeing a lot of places swallowed up.

The sinkholes are coming, the sinkholes are coming! If you’re paying attention to the latest updates of Fortnite, you know that the game has introduced ground swallowing sinkholes. So far the game hasn’t destroyed anything massive, but there have been several locations that were part of the game that are now just empty holes.

Well, not empty, in fact, you should stop by each sinkhole because they are loaded with loot.

So what locations are being eaten by the ground and in what order? Well, so far I’ve found three in the game; and if you found more leave them in the comments below

1. Cafe near Camp Cuddles

The first one that was destroyed that I noticed was the small cafe near the base of Camp Cuddle’s southernmost hill. It was swallowed whole after we saw cracks developing around the cement near the building.

2. House near Tilted Towers

There’s a gas station in a cross-section between Tilted Towers, Sanctuary, and Rocky Reels. If you know where that gas station is, to the northwest just slightly was a house. Was because the ground ate it like a kindergartner slamming back a cake and pizza at a birthday party. Like with the cafe, there is loot to be had there.

3. Seven outpost near Coney Crossroads

If you follow the river behind Coney Crossroads, towards Tilted Towers, you’ll find a Seven outpost along the lake’s edge. Well, you would’ve, cus it’s gone. Like with the rest of the locations, there is loot to be had there, but this loot is Seven-enforced so it’s better than your usual stuff.

Tilted Towers could be gone in the update to Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2

There have been rumors that Tilted Towers was brought back for the current season just to destroy it again. Since the sinkholes have only destroyed small areas, and there are tank drills near the region, it’s very likely that the town is doomed but that’s just speculation.

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