Epic Games goes all out for Halloween with Fortnite Universal Monsters skins

Epic Games, Fortnitemares, Frankenstein
Epic Games, Fortnitemares, Frankenstein /

October is here, and it’s officially spooky season. Fortnitemare, Epic Game’s annual Halloween Fortnite event, is one of my favorites and I look forward to it every year. This time, some classic Fortnitemare aspects are in the normal Battle Royale mode as part of this season’s Cubed theme. What else is there to do? Enter the Fortnite Universal Monsters skins.

Epic Games goes all out for Halloween with Fortnite Universal Monsters skins

In the United States, our idea of classic Halloween monsters is almost taken directly from the Universal Studios monster movies. These classic films were fairly liberal with their interpretation of these monsters. For example, Frankenstein’s Monster is nothing like the novel’s version.

Nevertheless, movies like Frankenstein, The Wolf Man and Dracula and were the origins of many of the tropes we associate with Halloween. While the legends of werewolves and vampires had existed long before these films, the films were the gateway for these old myths to enter the United States due in part to the massive marketing and merchandising push by Universal Studios after their television syndication.

The Universal Monsters in Fortnite is a perfect fit. Instead of Epic Game’s close-enough-but-legally-distinct approach they usually take, they’ve manage to secure the rights to portray these monsters in their iconic appearances. While franchised to Universal Studios, these depictions of the monster are the very essence of Halloween for many and almost agnostic to their films at this point.

Every week will introduce a new monster, along with some Halloween-themed riff on a classic Fortnite skin. The first week has Frankenstein’s Monster. The new original skin is Curdle Team Leader, a variation on the Team Leader line of skins.

Epic Games have already revealed that The Mummy will also be arriving to Fortnite later this month, and preview materials for the future skins may be pointing to a The Walking Dead crossover.

With tons of great crossover and original skins, Fortnitemares 2021 will surely be one to remember.