Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 Battle Pass review: Ranking the skins

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3: J.B. Chimpanski

Chimpanski here is chimpanzee cosmonaut. That’s pretty cool. His various styles change up his look slightly, with the helmet variant giving him an ominous mystery the hides how silly a space chimp is. The outfit has a classic Fortnite feel, and his accessories are also great.

2: Torin

One of the important characters this Season, Torin has a unique connection to the Sideways. She has another look, taking on a sinister mask as the Sideways Warrior. She goes from cute to scary, reminding me of Lexa from C2S5.

1: Toona Fish

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I love customizable characters. Toona Fish is by far the best customizable skin yet. It’s a riff on Fishstick, in the style of that classic cartoon Meowscles. The twist? You can collect ink to customize the color of your Toona Fish and his accessories.

The first customizable Battle Pass skin was Maya from C2S2, but you couldn’t change her look after locking them in. Kymera from last season was immensely customizable, but the alien look didn’t resonate with everyone. Toona Fish has that generic charm that I feel more players can get into.

My favorite thing about Toona Fish is the presets based on other skins. Some look better than others, but the references to other fan favorite Fortnite skins makes Toona Fish the perfect skin for long time players.

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