6 Tips you need to know for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8

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4- Spooky time, season round

You’ll find Shadow Stones around Cubes, and consuming one of them puts you into an incorporeal state that’s like the ghost modes from the Halloween events. You can’t attack in this mode, but you can get the drop on enemies and have increased mobility. Be sure your close range weapon is selected before you enter the state, as you can’t cycle weapons as a Shadow.

5- New Quest System

Punchcards are back, and this time they’re integrated into the Quest system. It can be a little confusing, as Quests must be initiated by an NPC do not directly earn you XP. Instead, they tick off an NPC specific punchcard that then gives XP. A fantastic change to the Quest system is that the next Quest in a line will automatically start when the previous Quest is complete.

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6- New Crafts

Nuts & Bolts are back, but the weapons they let you sidegrade into has changed. Assault Rifles (Burst or normal) become Suppressed Assault Rifles, Lever Action Shotguns now become Charge Shotguns and SMGs still become Rapid Fire SMGs.