Fortnite: Grabi-tron is a fresh twist on a classic item

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The Grabi-tron is a pocket-sized tractor beam, just like you’d find on a Saucer. This new weapon is a weird take on the classic Harpoon Gun, pulling things other than players toward you. Here’s where to find the Grabi-Tron in Fortnite and the best ways to use it.

Like the tractor beam on the Saucer, you can target various objects on the map and drag them towards you. You can even rotate them, and of course, launch them at enemies. The damage depends on how big the object is, the material it’s composed of and the launch speed. It reminds me of last season’s Recycler, but a little more clunky.

Where to find the Grabi-tron in Fortnite

You can find Grabi-trons in regular chests, on Abductors and in the Mothership. They only come in Epic rarity, but takes the slot of a utility item. You’ll still get a regular weapon if you get one in a chest.

Grabi-Tron tips

The range of the Grabi-tron is a little awkward since you need to not only grab an object, but also  wait for it to come to you before you can launch it. At the very least, whatever you grab can help block shots. Picking up a big object like a car might help you reposition, and hitting enemies with a held object will do some damage as well.

Unlike a Saucer, you can’t grab players with it unless they’re using an Inflate-a-Bull. It also has no headshot multiplier, since it’s kind of weird to “headshot” someone by flinging a car at them. A cool trick you can pull with the Grabi-tron is to snatch rockets out of the air and launch them back at enemies.

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The Grabi-tron is significantly worse if you’re caught in the open, so consider swapping it if you find the last circle in the plains. I’ve also had difficulty using it against multiple enemies, but it is fun to get a cheeky kill on an unsuspecting player.

This goofy weapon is already disabled in Competitive, but it doesn’t seem to have nearly the same destructive potential that the Rail Gun and Plasma Cannon had.