Fortnite Legendary Quest Guide: Where to place prepper supplies

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Week 6 of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 turns the once quiet Steel Farm into the hot zone. Three of the six stages in this week’s Legendary Quest line has you explore the farm. This also means that humble landmark will be a contested area over the course of the week, with some players trying to place prepper supplies and others hunting them for their own quests. To avoid conflict, you’ll want to know exactly where to place prepper supplies right when you land.

Where Place Prepper Supplies Fortnite Legendary Quest

Luckily, the spot to place prepper supplies is easy to find. You’re looking for a blue silhouette of some crates and toilet paper. The location isn’t exactly at the farm proper, rather, it’s right at fork in the road between the farm and gas station.

Land here and leave as fast as you can to complete the quest, since you’ll be competing with players at the farm and gas station who are completing other quests. The gas station is also a little hot right now, since there’s a payphone across the street that’s needed to initiate the first Legendary Quest.

If you want to continue the round, be careful when fighting your way up through the farm or the gas station. Depending on the circle, you could slip through Corny Complex. It’s an NPC run area, so players tend to avoid it. If you have the mettle, you could loot some sweet new tech like the Inflate-A-Bull or Rail Gun from the special chests here.

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This week’s Quest line seems to be less oblique than others, making it a perfect way to rack up some easy XP if you’re a little behind on your Battle Pass. XP coins are still nowhere to be found, so you’ll want to keep on top of that if you’re aiming for the higher rewards like Rick.