Fortnite Aloy & Lara LTM: 6 tips and tricks you need to know

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2- Alternative weapons

The loot pools is pretty small, with only curatives and some utility items appearing in Chests. If you want any non-bow or pistol weapons, you can get them by fighting NPCs. Since your outfit (Aloy or Lara) telegraphs what kinds of weapons you’ll likely have, getting an SMG or Shotgun will be a shock to your enemies. They won’t expect Aloy with such firepower at close range.

Harpoon Guns are also a great weapon you can find in chests. They fire fast and deal 75 damage, giving you some early game utility for either Aloy or Lara. On Aloy, the Harpoon Gun covers some midrange your Bow has trouble with. Lara can use the Harpoon Gun to pull enemies close for a Dual Pistol flurry, while giving her some extra reach.