What’s up with the Neymar Jr Fortnite Skin?

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The Neymar Jr Fortnite skin that will be included the Battle Pass came a surprise to everyone, leaving the community somewhat divided over the inclusion of the Brazilian footballer in the Chapter 2 Season 6 Battle Pass. Epic Games gave us some details for the upcoming sport collaboration.

What’s up with the Neymar Jr Fortnite Skin?

According to a statement Epic Games sent to Forever Fortnite, Neymar Jr will be a key part of the Battle Pass in Season 6.

Epic Games will be investing into the sports world, and Neymar Jr will be the first sports icon in this new venture. These new sports collaborations will be increasingly important for Fortnite’s development of their metaverse, and will Epic Games will be partnering soon with the NFL in 2021.

Not much was given about the skin itself, but Epic Games promises that more info will be coming in the following months. In teasers, we see a Dire-like wolf skin for Neymar. I’m not sure why it’s a wolf, but my guess is that Neymar is going to have some werewolf like transformation.

On one hand, many players and long-time fans are a little tired of the frequent crossovers and licensed content, where others love to see their favorite properties and celebrities come to the game. Many players are concerned that the game is ever-approaching being a marketing vehicle rather than a great game. There’s truth in both, as Epic Games doesn’t do Fortnite to not make money, after all.

I think little bit of both is good for the game. Even though I’m not a football fan or Teen Titans fan, as long as there’s plenty of original content in the Battle Pass I’m happy. I felt that the “secret” skins like Deadpool and Aquaman were great and didn’t get in the way of the normal Battle Pass content. Season 4’s Marvel crossover left a sour note for many, since all of the skins in the Battle Pass were Marvel and many cosmetics were exclusives for certain outfits.

Season 5 had a good balance in the Battle Pass, with the Mandalorian appearing as a skin and the Predator as a secret skin. I’m quite a fan of Star Wars, but I would prefer that crossovers are unobtrusive as possible. People will always defend crossovers if they like the character, but I would rather they be optional as opposed to being included in every Battle Pass, even for characters I enjoy. LTMs like the John Wick and Mandalorian events are my preferred way to incorporate licensed content into the gameplay. Crossovers in the Item Shop are a-okay for me.

One thing is for certain: crossovers are here to stay, and will be incorporated more into the game’s lore in the future.

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