Fortnite 2021: Three Things We Want In The New Year

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We are all enjoying the fact that 2020 is over. We are hoping for a great year in 2021 all-around, even for Fortnite.

It is officially 2021 and we are excited to see what the new year brings. In a tough year, Fortnite provided a way to escape the world. The inclusion of Marvel brought players around the world together to play Fortnite. Players new and old have gotten back on Fortnite. The recent “Reboot a Friend” program pushes to get old players to come back.

The main thing is to give these players an experience that they will come back for. It will be disappointing for players who were convinced to come back and play to be let down. The bounty system, Mando, and Ruckus have been fun additions in season five. However, like most players, I am already hungry for more.

We are hoping that 2021 will treat players. There is a whole year to go as we are still going strong in season five. Season six looks to be coming in March, but that is already looking into the future. However, that is what this list is all about right? We are looking further than March and looking at the entire year. Here are three things we want to see in 2021.

3. New Game Mode

The recent addition of The Spy Among Us has been a fun inclusion. Fortnite’s own version of Among Us is a break away from normal gameplay. However, like many game modes that have been added, it may be vaulted soon enough. At this time the only two modes that are official are normal and team rumble.

This year, it would be nice to have a new official game mode that would be permanent. While you can leave the Creative Hub as a place to have fun and well create, this would be part of the game for years to come. There are many ideas for a game mode, but I believe that a classic “gun game” would be the best fit.

In a match to complete all objectives, the players would start with a common pistol and work there all the way through the guns before having to win the game with a pickaxe kill. As a fan of the classic gun game, I would love to see a Fortnite version be added to this game.

2. More Variety of Guns

Fortnite has had a rotating door of weapons for years. Weapons come and go into the vault all of the time. Most recently we saw the fan-favorite pump shotgun go into the vault. Right now, we have a few variations of the assault rifle and shotgun, but is it bad for us to want more? It would add a needed spice to the game.

A few additions would be all that is needed to freshen up the game. Guns like the semi-automatic pistol and tactical SMG are two that would be appreciated inclusions to the game. With the variety of NPCs that have been added to the game, they could be utilized to add “upgrades” to weapons like the upgrade bench could sidegrade weapons.

The few exotic weapons that have been added to the game have been appreciated. However, a few less exotic weapons would be a nice addition. This could also be a way to bring back more items and traps to be sold by various NPCs.

1. More Crossovers

I don’t believe there are any Fortnite players that are against the recent crossovers. We have seen the worlds and characters from DC, Marvel, Disney, and more join the loop. The Fortnite lockers have been adding fun and unique characters to play as. You can play from Deadpool to Wolverine to Kratos if you’ve unlocked the skins.

However, I am wanting to see more crossovers inside the battle royale. Last season we had Wolverine, Iron Man, Doctor Doom as NPC’s to fight and possibly earn their powers. In the past, we have seen lightsabers and Batman’s grappling hook as weapons. Now, we have The Mandolorian that we can chase down and earn his rifle and jetpack.

I don’t think anybody will be against more crossovers in the future. We are looking out at different universes to get involved. Sony and Microsoft have sent Kratos and Master Chief. Perhaps they can lend more of their characters and universes to join Fortnite. I am still holding out for Nintendo to join in on all the fun.

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