Fortnite: What Is The Future of Marvel Involvement?

Marvel may be out of Fortnite for the moment, but there may still be big plans for the two brands in the future.

Fortnite’s Season Five has started off strong and the memory of Season Four is beginning to fade away. The days of Marvel abilities and bosses around the map are behind us for now. Last season was one of the most enjoyable of any other before it. The Marvel crossover led to exciting items and fun new game modes.

That was until Galactus arrived to ruin everybody’s fun. However, we are hoping that Marvel’s involvement isn’t over yet. There are plenty of possibilities to explore with such a large franchise. With a season-themed on a franchise as huge as the Marvel universe, there is no doubt that you are going to let a few fans down.

The character that most people were calling for in Season Four was arguably Spider-Man. Fans were hoping all season, but Venom was as close as we got. It would have been a fun time to run around as Spidey using his web blasters gun enemies down or using his web as a harpoon gun to pull them in for the kill.

Although, Spider-Man is far from the only Marvel character that fans were hoping for. We are still hoping to see more of our favorite Marvel characters come to Fortnite. Reports are that this is only the beginning of Marvel and Fortnite’s partnership. Donald Mustard from Epic has said that this crossover was not anywhere close to being over.

With that said, that is exciting news for all Fortnite and Marvel fans. This could see the returns of some of your favorite elements from season four and brand new skins and abilities being added to the game. As mentioned earlier, there are many possibilities that Marvel and Fortnite can pull out of their bags to create something special.

What would be some new elements that you would like to be added in the future? It could be interesting to see characters from the Fantastic Four and more X-Men characters to be included. The Marvel collection is extensive and so many characters have become fan favorites that fans would love to have in the game.

Unfortunately, much like in the Super Smash Bros franchise, not everyone is going to make the cut. Although all fans can stay hopeful that their favorites will be the next to show up in Fortnite.