Fortnite’s Combine Examined And Explained

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The Fortnite Combine is here to stay! Developers made the right call keeping this mode in the game indefinetly.

In the latest big update from the Fortnite Team, v10.40, the Combine was introduced to allow players to test and adjust to the changes made to the aiming controls and sensitivity. On October 3rd, Epic Games announced that the Combine would become a core mode in the Battle Royale game for the foreseeable future.

Similar to the popularity of the limited time mode, Team Rumble, the Combine was added as a permanent fixture to the Fortnite Battle Royale game. While initially the speed run mode was launched to help ease players into the new controller sensitivity settings, Epic quickly realized the asset for players of all skill levels.

Fortnite Combine Explained

The Combine is a mode where Fortnite players can test their skill and muscle memory. In addition, many players are enjoying the ability to quickly warm-up for matches that was previously absent from the game without entering a match of some sort. Perhaps one of the best features to come out of the latest Fortnite mode is the ability to brag to your friends when you destroy their best time on the local leaderboard.

According to Epic Games, the Combine is designed for players to reach the end as quickly as possible, while taking out all of the realistic bots along the way. There are five zones in total with a combined 30 targets to eliminate. Each zone records it’s own time, and at the completion, all of the times for each zone are added together.

As of now, the Combine is limited to the following weapons:

  • Legendary Hand Cannon
  • Legendary Assault Rifle (AKA Scar)
  • Legendary Pump Shotgun
  • Legendary Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle
  • Legendary Burst Assault Rifle
  • Rare Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle
  • Rare Hunting Rifle
  • Rare Impulse Grenade
  • Common Grenade

Epic suggests that players get creative with their strategies by trying different routes. There is infinite ammunition and building materials throughout all five zones. The impulse grenades, if used effectively, can decrease your time drastically while moving from one zone to another zone.

Fortnite Combine Zones

Each zone is intended to specifically test different in-game aspects found while playing Battle Royal matches. Fortnite. For example, the run begins with a medium range combat zone including a taco shop and a gas station. From there, you enter a close range zone inside of a multi-story building reminiscent of the “OG” Tilted Towers.

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Next, a long range section of the course works on honing in your sniper skills. Not only does this zone include long range opponents, but here you can also practice shooting down enemies flying by on gliders.

The Zipline combat zone is next, and this area only has four targets to take down at mid-range. Finally, the last zone is called the Build Combat zone where enemies are at the top of structures inaccessible without building to reach them.

Fortnite Combine Lobby

Once you have completed the course and return to the lobby, your final time is calculated by adding up all the individual times from each of the five zones. A time penalty of 15 seconds is added to your final time for any missed targets.

At the end of the run in the lobby, the Combine showcases a local leaderboard showing all of your friends’ top times for the aim-driven speed run. Those times are broken down into three different categories which are mouse and keyboard (PC), gamepad (console), and touch (mobile).

On the other side of the lobby, the global leaderboard is shown. This board also breaks down player’s times based on the device used, such as PC, console, or mobile. Currently, only the top 10 times are shown for each leaderboard.

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With the Combine here to stay, players can greatly benefit from the real game experiences the new mode offers. Not only can you warm-up before jumping into matches to grab the Victory Royale, but this mode provides new players and “OG” players alike to master their aim in Fortnite. Not to mention, who wouldn’t want to be sitting at the top of their local leaderboard after they just threw down the fastest time amongst their friends giving them the ultimate bragging rights.