Could a Week 3 Mission Hint at Kevin the Cube’s Return?

A Week 3 challenge in Fortnite pays homage to Kevin the Cube with cube memorials. Could this possibly mean a return of Kevin the Cube in Fortnite?

Fortnite has been doing an absolutely amazing job with bringing back old concepts and areas and making time travel the key component to Season 10 and with the latest patch and now challenges, Epic Games may have hinted at yet another return of an old friend.

In the Week 3 challenges for Season 10, it seems that the theme for the week is paying homage to our old pal Kevin the Cube.

For those who don’t remember Kevin the Cube, here he is in his big purple glory before finding his resting place in Loot Lake a few seasons ago.

Kevin the Cube. Fortnite/Epic Games

Kevin the Cube was a huge center behind some of the major events that have led up to Season 10 and a new challenge centered around him involves finding a memorial of him in the desert and at Loot Lake and the prestige version has you visit both memorials in the same map.

Memorial at Loot Lake. Fortnite/Epic Games

Memorial in the desert. Fortnite / Epic Games

These locations are fairly cool because Kevin saw his journey begin near the desert and end at Loot Lake and again, these challenges are fairly out of the blue and I would not be surprised to see Kevin the Cube potentially make a return in Season 10.

Why? Because of the time travel stuff going on right now, it seems that Fortnite is bringing back major events from past seasons, much like Bunker Jonesy warning us about The Final Showdown and highlighting other major events as well and one of those events has already returned to the game, the zombies in Retail Row.

Bunker Jonesy FortByte image. Fortnite/Epic Games

The zombies were featured in this mural and so is Kevin the Cube in the top of the image above the fight, so saying he could return may not be too much of a stretch. The meteorite also returned at the beginning of Season 10, so maybe Jonesy was on to something when painting this to not only warn the island of the fight but that things would change in terms of time.

Kevin’s presence on the island would definitely change a ton about the game because he obviously played a minor role in gameplay but bringing the cube back along with a potential return of an old landing spot could really propel Season 10 to the next level.

Could this mission hint at the return of Kevin the Cube or is it just a fun look back at an old friend? Let us know here and on Twitter @FSFortnite.