Friday Fortnite Won’t Return Until After Champions Series

Friday Fortnite logo. Keemstar/UMG
Friday Fortnite logo. Keemstar/UMG /

Keemstar and UMG announced that Friday Fortnite will be taking a backseat to the Champions Series and not return until Sep 27 on Friday.

Killer Keemstar and UMG have been running a very successful event for Fortnite in the form of Friday Fortnite for some time but with the upcoming Trios Champions Series going on until the end of September, Keemstar has decided to cancel Friday Fortnite until the Champions Series concludes.

This is some interesting news as of course many pros will be entering the Champions Series over the course of the next few weeks but smaller professional players and content creators who compete every Friday will now being taking a break from the action for over a month.

The event was already cancelled for August 16 due to the fact that some Duos had already dropped and Keemstar could not fill the field for the event and he made the executive decision to cancel until after Fortnite’s latest competitive event concludes.

It does sting a little bit for some players, especially NateHillTV and FaZe Funk, who won the tournament last week and were looking to repeat and gain more points for this season.

As for looking ahead to Friday Fortnite on September 27, it will surely be arguably the biggest one to date as I am sure plenty of pros will want to compete after a few weeks of competition being that the teams will be fresh and at their best when it comes to gameplay.

Ninja will likely partake as well as NickMercs, benjyfishy, Bugha, TSM Myth and of course some of the former winners and the action should be jammed packed for UMG and Keemstar when they decide to kick things back up near the end of next month.

As for now, we will likely shift our competitive coverage to the Trios Champions Series, following the event week-by-week and keeping everyone up-to-date on everything you need to know regarding the competitive scene.